If there's one person who cannot resist doughnuts, that will be me. It's actually a blessing in disguise that my body cannot handle gluten, otherwise I would probably buy and eat half a dozen or so whenever I see one.   There is nothing special about its ingredients -- it's basically egg, milk, butter, sugar and flour but what this little bread with a hole in the middle reminds me of is childhood, of celebrations and joyful times with my mother and sisters. It was a reward when we get really high grades, a treat that never failed to make us smile. It's a connection that still lingers up to this point.   While one may question and not understand my obsession with doughnuts and gluten is preventing me from sinking my teeth on a freshly made dunkin' doughnuts or krispy keme, there's no stopping me from trying to make my very own version of this lovely treat that can transport me down the memory lane...   ...and that my friends, is something very something random that I wanted to share.

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