A New One Just Begun

I have said this year after year — my ultimate wish in life is to be a great mother and a wife (well, on top of being a good daughter, sister and a friend). So as God gave me another year, I am extremely filled with gratitude and joy to be given more chances to be one. I am not perfect and I don’t think I will ever be but the people who are surrounding me now are those who accept and love me for who I am. And with that, I am forever grateful.

However, these two special people are taking me to places both literally and figuratively but are making sure I remain on the ground with them. So yes, they will be my best gifts forever and I owe it to them to fulfill my wish.


CHEERS to all blessings but also to all the mistakes I made, all the wrong turns I took, to losing my way, to all the times I thought I had lost hope, to those who helped me find my way and changed my destiny. Dreams (prayers) do come true (even if it sometimes takes a lifetime) so with that, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 🙂 🙂

With so much love and joy,

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