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We were supposed to go Southwest and check Pipestone National Monument last weekend but the weather forecast made us change our plans. We don’t really want to camp (yet) with rain above our heads and soggy ground beneath our feet, we did that a lot in the past and it’s something that both my husband and I didn’t really like. As an alternative, hubby found Savanna Portage State Park which has two interesting information that sealed our decision — first, it straddles the Continental Divide and the portage (hence the name), which links the Mississippi River and Lake Superior and was heavily used by native Americans and fur traders during 1750-1840.

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Savanna Portage State Park – Upon Entering

Reason for the trip:

To explore Minnesota more, unplug and unwind, hike, paddle, camp again, teach the little one how to enjoy wilderness and of course, spend true quality time with the family. It’s also, kind of, our way of celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (although we have two more big trips later this year).

Before the Trip:

We made our reservation for the campsite through the DNR website. We cooked and packed all our food. We made sure that appropriate clothes, tools, necessities are picked and packed as well (I will share tips at a later post).

How to Get There:

This said state park is almost straight up North (and veering East upon entering the State Park) from where we live. It’s about 2.5 hours from the Twin Cities (road construction depending) through MN-65N. A vehicle pass is required to stay at the park if you don’t have one.

Where We Stayed:

It’s funny adding this information here but I am trying to make a standard from this point on as to how I am posting. It is to make it easier for readers to know what to expect as well as make blogging a little much more convenient for me. Anyway, there are about 90 camping sites within this state park and we picked Site K which can be accessed by canoeing Shumway Lake or hiking in about 0.7 miles. We chose the former and below is what it’s look like. From a backpacking perspective, this was luxury as it has enclosed latrine, a shed which houses firewood, a picnic bench, a fire grate and a million dollar view (ok, thousands). 😀

Savanna Portage State Park, I Can!, #ExploreMN, #CaptureMN, #GoOutside, #MNStateParks, #FamilyTravel

Little one helping set up the tent….

Savanna Portage State Park, I Can!, #ExploreMN, #CaptureMN, #GoOutside, #MNStateParks, #FamilyTravel

What We Did

We canoed, hiked, ran, “hammocked”, sang and danced, ate, drank hot cocoa, took photos, watched our little one do his usual (and not so usual) antics and so much more. 😀

Here are some of the photos:

Shumway Lake, Savanna Portage State Park

Paddling Shumway Lake

Sleeping on the job… hahaha… 😀

I love my family!

The light of our life… He is more than enough to fill our world. 🙂


Remember the first time he camped? He did extremely better this time.

What We Loved?

As an experiment, we asked our little one what he liked best about this weekend. He said, “sleeping in the tent, playing in the hammock, the hot chocolate, running and canoeing.” So I guess we are all in tune with each other. As an addition, my favorite was being at the lake and watching the sunset with my family. There’s no better place I could have been than with them there.


Shumway Lake, Savanna Lake, #familytravel, #exploreMN, #captureMN, #gooutside, #MNStateParks

Quiet, peaceful, simple and yet colorful. What life is ought to be.

What Didn’t Work Out

There’s not much that didn’t work out. The road constructions on the way there was acceptable. The only thing we can think of is we could have stayed much longer. 🙂

Final Verdict

We love this State Park, its distance to the Twin Cities and will probably go back and try the North campsite on Wolf Lake.

From our family to yours, thank you so much for supporting and caring for us. 🙂

How about you, what did you do this weekend? If you did something interesting, please do share. 🙂

Much love,

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