We grew up together as great friends as our ages weren't really that far apart -- just two years ago all of us were in our 30s. We are tightly knitted and if you are an outsider, you may probably find it hard to get into our circle; just ask those longtime friends who were able to break into that. 🙂

As far as I know, we all aren't very expressive but we love each other very dearly. I will give my life to defend each and every one of them. Just being in the same room, spending time together gave me enormous feeling of love that I brought back with me now that our vacation has ended. A sense of peace washed over me knowing that we are all safe, good and happy in our lives.

It is extremely tough to say goodbye and hold all the emotions but this is just temporary as plan to see each other again next year.


(photo taken by my lovely, talented niece Shai)

Until next time... But for now, I just have to be contented with looking at photos to cure this extreme withdrawal. I love you so much all, my dear sisters!

With so much love,

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