I mentioned in my previous post that I didn't like GoPro that much but I attribute that to my partial ignorance of the product. We bought this action camera about 2 days prior to our trip to Hawaii which left us hardly enough time to learn it. Given that, I think we did alright -- here are some of the photos (most of these were taken by my dear husband). 🙂

Why I don't like it?

I do truly understand that it cannot surpass my DSLR -- it actually surprised me that the camera performed so well in both wet and dry conditions. However, I like to see the composition of what I am taking of before I press the shutter and this is where my struggle began. Also, the possible resolution and frame rate combinations seem nearly endless which requires some learning curve and I am not quite sure I am going to get there. 



Maybe with more practice, I will learn to love this camera more and more. We'll see as we use it again on our upcoming trip to the Philippines.


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