I had a short conversation with one of my friends earlier this week. She asked me if I am still running my photography business and I gave her a long pause in response. I made a lame excuse that I am very busy these days with work and family but deep inside me, I am actually itching to shoot. I haven't touched my camera in months since we got back from Hawaii last December. That's about almost 5 months now... That's too long of a hiatus. With that, I grabbed my other baby from the hiding place and put it to test again. I am a little rusty and the camera probably needed cleaning but I think I managed. Here's one that I took and post process, too with my own lightroom template... 




I am now contemplating if I will actively pursue shooting again since Eli is now getting bigger and more independent. Maybe if I get numerous inquries, I will. We'll see. That's all I have for now. 


Happy Friday!


Much love,




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