Fortunate Friday: It’s A-OKAY

I never know anyone who doesn’t like Autumn. It seems like almost all of us are aware of the finiteness of it, that in a few more weeks, everything is going to be blanketed by pure white bliss and with that, we all make sure to plan ahead to watch and be in awe with this nature’s lovely play. Everything and everybody seems to be bouncing and alive. 😉

The beauty

I mentioned one Sunday how fall inspires me and motivates me to be extra engaged in my life. I am now at a point in life where I understand, that for it to be FULLY lived, I should be completely present each and every single time as much as I can; and for me to do that and successfully thrive, I need extra energy to give attention to those who matter most and yes, I need to put any electronics down. 😉 😉

As most parents know, life, with a little child, now feels like it’s moving at a pace faster than I can keep up with. Like this lovely season, I understand that our precious firstborn won’t be forever a child and that he will transform and change continuously. And with that, I know that I have to step up and give my best all. the. time…


The ugly truth

Nevertheless, it isn’t a bed of roses and we aren’t always very pretty but, you know what, that’s very okay. Part of this journey is accepting those trials and tribulations that come our way. It’s about making decisions big or small and recognizing that it was the best at that given time. What matters, too, is that I show up no matter how ugly and bad I feel. 🙂


With all these changes, my family and I do want to try and embrace as many new and novel things as we possibly can because life is not only is fast, it’s short as well.


No to perfection and it’s A-okay

There is no such thing as a perfect lifestyle. There were even days where we consider ourselves proud if it was a tantrum-free day — both for mama and the little boy. What is it for us is about focusing on making memories and creating a unique and maybe even interesting overall story that we can share to those who want to stay and listen. 🙂


And yes, we are having a lot of fun, tantrums and all. 🙂

Much love,


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