First Time to Camp – The Conclusion

Part of being a parent is having the role of assisting your child in understanding that not everything that he wants will be given to him. It helps that we are an older mama and papa to our little one so even though our morning didn’t start well, we were able to pick things up by giving him quiet hugs, walking out of the campsite for awhile and talking to him the importance of bundling during cold months. We emerged from that way happier and jollier.

You see, life gives us an incessant spectacle of magical moments and irreplaceable memories that when we use wisely, do shape our lives to be so much enjoyable. So that’s what we always try to do and here are some proof. 😉 😉


our last stop

Before we head back to the Twin Cities, we decided to climb up the Kathio Park fire tower which is a 100 foot in height. While I almost peed my pants because I personally find it rickety, the little one scaled it past the tree line chanting “I am climbing like a monkey.” That didn’t come from my genes obviously. 😉 😉


So if people will ask us if we will do this again soon, in a heartbeat we will say DEFINITELY. However, we are going to Hawaii pretty soon so maybe some time again next year and maybe pulling some family/friends in tow. 🙂

Much love.


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