Most of the leaves have now turned brown and have fallen into the ground; the nip in the air is starting to feel uncomfortable when dressed inappropriately but we promised ourselves that we will introduce camping to our little one as we, too, get some unplugging time. Nothing taxing, just sleep on the tent and see how he handles it…

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

We picked this lovely state park for its distance (about 2 hours) from the Twin Cities and due to my husband’s familiarity with the area as he kite ski/board here often pre-me. 😉 Our little one enjoyed the drive and was super excited with what’s to come. He was all smiles in the car and was very proud to carry his own backpack once alight.

Sunny and Windy

Weather-wise, it couldn’t have been any better than what we got during this mini adventure. We unloaded our stuff, fixed a lovely lunch, layered up and yes, tried to take a nap. To no avail so we did a little body time out that did involve a lot of tickling and horse playing. 😉 😉 So much for that.

hike time

We explored what the area has to offer after that “supposed” nap.

We, then, headed back to our campsite for a night of eating, singing and dancing around the campfire and eating s’mores. 😉 The day into night went without any hitch at all… 😉

Twinkle, Little Stars

We sent our little one to la-la land while husband and I watched and took some photos of the stars.

the things you didn’t see

My husband told me that I only show the highlight reel of our life and my reasoning for that is not because I don’t want to tell family and friends our struggles but due to the fact that I don’t run to get my camera just to take photos of our toddler throwing tantrums. I am not scared to admit the truth that on our trip, since he was tossing and turning in the tent that night, we knew that he didn’t sleep very well. You can guess how our very early morning went. Let’s just say, our boy learned how COLD really feels as he refused to wear mittens, hat and insisted “I don’t need pants anymore.” Hmmm, the day started at 30 °F so he did some wailing that probably woke up other campers. But oh well. 😀 We eventually calmed him down… 😉

See, we were back to regular programming


* Anyway, since this post may probably take hours to load on a slow internet due to the number of images, I will do part 2 so stay tuned. 🙂

Much love,


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