The heavens decided to dump about over a foot of snow the day before we leave for Lutsen as part of JZ’s birthday celebration and our periodical unplugging. While it is nothing new for us Minnesotans since it’s the tail end dead of winter, we knew that this will pose some challenges with driving. But we decided to just go forth despite the road conditions.

We arrived early Friday night which was just enough time to settle down at one of the suites at Sollbakken Resort, reheat pre-cooked dinner and put the little one to bed. We called it a night earlier than usual. The next morning, after finishing breakfast and putting on layers of clothes, we head out to Superior Hiking Trail, Cascade State Park for some snowshoeing.

So off we go...


The said state park has about 17 miles of cross-country ski trails and 18 miles of hiking trails and I was extremely stoked as the trails and the weather were both perfect that day. It's a WONDERLAND.


However, the little one viewed the world entirely different that morning. He was cranky and crying over JZ‘s shoulders and couldn‘t be pacified with food, hugs and kisses. Well, NOTHING worked. We guessed he was cold even with the numerous layers on so after about a mile hike, we decided that his safety was more important (most parents will definitely understand). There will be more chances to come back now that we got a glimpse of what this place has to offer during winter time.



After an early afternoon nap, we headed out again to Norpine Trail. We bundled our little boy carefully with additional layers and took our chance to see if he will have more fun this time. He was not overly enthusiastic but he was cooperating -- that's always a sign of a good start. I kept my fingers crossed as we head in the trail.


Norpine Trail is located directly across the resort we are staying -- it's a winding, forested Nordic trail system of about over 30 miles and boasts and offers spectacular high-country vistas and a magnificent view of Lake Superior.

collage5(but as you can see, our boy is still apprehensive)

Some cajoling, tiny kisses and big hugs kind of worked… NOT! Oh well. But did I already say that the views were amazing!


We headed back in the safety of our temporary home… and the little one went back to his happy, content self. 🙂


Lutsen, until next time… We had tons of fun and feel renewed nevertheless.

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