Day one of traveling had always been uneventful for us and this one was no exception. We woke up at the wee hour of 3:00AM but since all our stuff were ready to go days in advance (yay, us), we all got out of the door in 15 minutes — with 2 kids at that. 🙂 We were like zombies at the MSP airport so it was a good thing that the lines were all a breeze. Our wait time (which was almost none) and connecting flight from ATL to St Lucia were all the same, too.


A minor setback

The only problem we had was with the car rental. We booked it through Expedia and we were supposed to get a 4-door SUV but the car rental partner insisted we get a 2-door SUV (jeep type). So we went with a local one and got a better deal. I will spare you all the details as it was not that relevant. Although it’s worth mentioning that the 2 kids were very patient during those negotiation times. 🙂

We checked-in, unpacked and settled into our rented place, head out to get grocery and then called it a night after a sumptuous dinner. 🙂


And oh yes, we got a glimpse of Maria Island from Anse de Sables beach which will be our first stop for our day 2 activities.

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Maria Island from Anse de Sables Beach!


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