Every year, my husband and I try to unplug ourselves at least twice from the daily mundane and venture into locations that do challenge our bodies and mind. For 2011, we picked to go back to the Boundary Waters and thankfully, it didn’t disappoint as we were able to completely abandon the worries of life that ironically do not exist in the wilderness at all.

Here are few of the images and an abridged account of our adventure… 🙂 Enjoy!

DAY 1: (Minneapolis to Nina Moose Lake)

… was about a 5-hour drive to the entry point, a beautiful paddle down the Moose river and the arrival to Nina Moose lake just in time to admire the stunning sunset.

DAY 2: (Nina Moose Lake to Oyster Lake via Lake Agnes)

The highlights of day 2 included gray skies which produced awesome colors in the morning, those swan lovers, delicious breakfast and a great workout as we paddled to Oyster lake. The lowlight will be the soaking rain all throughout the rest of the day as the cameras needed to stay in the pack to avoid getting drenched as we were…

DAY 3: (Oyster Lake to Ge-be-on-e-quet Lake)

The sky continued to pour buckets of water but despite that, we paddled on from Oyster to Ge-be-on-e-quet lake. We didn’t take that much pictures which meant more tent-time for my husband and me. 😉 😉

DAY 4: (Ge-be-on-e-quet Lake to Lac La Croix)

The weather decided to be kinder — which gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy sights and sounds of Ge-be-on-e-quet lake.

After a hearty meal, we packed all our stuff and headed out to Lac La Croix which is a lake on the borders of Minnesota and Canada (bottom photo). I was excited as we found a campsite with two beaches and just in time, the sun decided to show up, well, briefly. 🙂

DAY 5: Lac La Croix back to Nina Moose Lake

Our 5th day is actually my favorite day of this trip… not only was the sun out in full force, the wind was on it’s calmest as well. Our paddle from Lac La Croix to Nina Moose through Lake Agnes, albeit long and tiring, is one of the most gorgeous sights I have ever seen in my life. Moreover, we spent our last night on a campsite that has Whispering aspens over our heads. It felt like heaven on earth…

DAY 6: Our last day

A thick blanket of fog hovered Nina Moose lake when we headed out that morning. It was very eerie (and astonishing at the same time ) however those weren’t how we feel as we exited this wilderness area. On the contrary, we left feeling clear, revived, energized, invigorated, inspired and very grateful for God’s wonderful creation, for our health and for each other. We are excited to do this again maybe next year (and if you want to join us, just give us a holler). 🙂

Happy Monday night!

Much love,

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