Fortunate Friday: Living, Breathing, Learning

(Even though I started this on our baby’s blog, I think it’s more appropriate for this to be posted here)


This week has been and will be a busy week. I just spent 3 days attending the Grace Hopper Convention with over 4000 women in Computing and this coming Sunday, I will be running with about the same number of runners (I think) for the 10-mile TCM. Anyway, for this Friday, I am grateful for my own existence. For being given and blessed with a strong body, mind and heart;  for the opportunities that God is giving me to harness most of it; for feeling the wind and the drizzle on my face; for seeing the colors and life around me; for hearing the flock of birds go by…. for all the things (and of course the people) that/who make me matter…


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Happy Friday!


Much love,



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