Hawaii Diary: Oahu – Pearl Harbor

“We must be the great arsenal of democracy. For us this is an emergency as serious as war itself. We must apply ourselves to our task with the same resolution, the same sense of urgency, the same spirit of patriotism and sacrifice as we would show were we at war.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

One of the objectives of this trip was to enrich the kids’ knowledge about history and culture not only of Hawaii but of the US as well — so with that, a trip to Pearl Harbor was in order. We were scheduled to see the USS Arizona Memorial however, it was cancelled due to high winds. We explored every corner and nook instead. Here are some of the photos of the day. And yes, we did learn a ton of history from this venture. And it’s sad as you see the names and some faces of the people who gave their lives for this great country.

Our little one…


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