I am still quite unsure how to blog about our Hawaii trip as it was one quite busy one and I still have St. Lucia in my pipeline as well. 😀 So I guess, I may have to chug along here. 🙂

The Nature of the Trip

Some of you may know that we traveled to Hawaii for 2 weeks but as to why, well, we were there to celebrate Thanksgiving, my parent-in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary and just for our little family to get away from it all (on the last 5 days). We went to three islands: Oahu, Big Island (Hawaii) and Maui with the dynamics comprising of 6 adults, 2 teenagers and a toddler.

Oahu… our first stop

We rented a lovely villa on the East side of Honolulu and to say it was awesome is somewhat of an understatement as there is a spectacular view of the Koko Head Crater from the equally beautiful lanai. It made us not even want to leave the house during those times we were at that home. 🙂

We Ventured Out


Of course, Oahu beckoned us to venture out and soak in its splendor. Most of you know that Honolulu is very busy and modern but drive a little bit East and you will get a different feel of the island. We checked out Hanauma Bay Preserve first however after this photo, my camera stayed inside the bag as I snorkeled almost the entire time we were there.



We also drove as far as the windward Oahu town of Kailua to do more sight seeing. It was about 30-45 minute drive from where we were staying, but it may as well be a world away. We noticed how the houses, road change and I, myself, couldn’t get over the view of the mountains and spires. I want to live there. 😉 😉

Amazing Sunset

And to end this post, how great is it to be a witness to this nature’s display with the company of your family? Indeed, a wonderful blessing!

Much love,


P.S. I will post photos from Pearl harbor on a separate blog entry.


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