I swear my son can spot airplanes from 37,000 ft. away 😉 so can you imagine how excited he was to see over 20 airplanes at the same time? Well, he got a little overwhelmed with the noise but nevertheless, he loved every minute of it. 🙂 Anyway, through the kindness of Thomson Reuters, my family and I were able to attend this year’s Air Expo at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie. I will not pretend to be a plane aficianado because I am not at all but seeing these planes both on and off the ground was once in a lifetime experience for me (hopefullly for Eli, too).

Here are some of the photos I took from last Saturday:


The awesome planes…


The Flying Fortress B-17… named “Yankee Lady”


Papa gets to ride a helicopter…


…while the little one watched.

He got his chance, too


We also had packed a sumptuous picnic and watched the group of T-6 Texan Aircraft flew by.

We had so much fun and my son cannot stop saying “propeller” after that experience. 😀

What did you do this weekend? Are you enjoying your summer so far?

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