My dreams of the Philippines and my family have been vivid and vibrant for almost over 2 weeks now. To say that I left my heart there, feels like an understatement at times as the amount of fun, rediscoveries, love, care, connections and happy moments are something I know in my heart won't be able to feel anywhere with anyone but with them.

We have been so blessed and fortunate to be given the chance and resources to come home again this year to fill my vessel with abundant love. With that, I am extremely grateful!

Mount Mayon - Legazpi Albay

As a child, I painted and sketched this perfect volcano with fields, nipa huts, farmers, coconut trees on the foothills. Most children dream of going to Disneyland but mine had always been simple: to SEE this -- so to be able to visit and witness this majestic creation with my family is truly a dream come true for me.

Here are some of the photos (sorry if I didn't do justice as taking landscapes photos wasn't my focus for this trip):


It's the first time for most of us but we had tons of fun... Some of these images were taken by my little one. 🙂

Mayon Rest House

This was our last top before we headed to Misibis Bay -- the views of Mount Malinao and Isarog from here were truly spectacular. However, we had better things to do that day. 😉

  We will definitely visit this part of the Philippines again and explore more! Part 3 later. 🙂
Much love,

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