Pursuing the Hues

I wanted to write something that ties the photos to the narratives in my mind but I cannot manage to find the words to truly express what I want to say. This has been sitting in my drafts for 3 days now and with my pace and current brain fogginess, it probably will sit through the winter and even after that. HA! So with that, less words, just photos. 🙂

This was kind of like our usual paddle on the Mississippi River except it's not due to the peak of Autumn in our lovely state of Minnesota. In the past, we have observed the changing of the seasons just on the banks of this lovely river; this time, we were more prepared to witness it while on the canoe... And it was oh, so glorious... 😀

The Colors

To be a little geeky on you -- The Mississippi River Gorge is one of the unique geological features on the said river and it primarily comprises three native plant communities: oak savanna, mixed hardwood forest and floodplain forest. The mixed hardwood and floodplain forest areas are where you can find maple-basswood and silver maple and cottonwood all giving the rich, wondrous colors that you see here.


My Usual Companions

Our little one is now used to sitting still which makes paddling even more easy for us and in turn we look forward to our 'picnic stops' as the joy on his face is something not to be missed. 🙂

Our three-year old who looks way older. 🙁

Paddlin' Out

This was approximately about 7-8 miles of paddling and I did reach my breaking point for this trip. 😉

Until Next Time... Recovery needed...

What are the other best places to enjoy fall? Any suggestions?

Much love,











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