by in Love, Shoot, Smile LOCATION:: Normandale Japanese Garden, Bloomington MN


We were arguing the day before as we have expectations of each other that were not being met. It's not a normal occurrence but it does happen in our household. Our marriage isn't always perfect but do we give up when the going gets tough? Well, we strive to thrive and to exist in joy and honor the vows we said to each other... 


Quite a few times, we forget those words that were said that day but within our minds, hearts and souls, we know where we belong; in each other's arms. Well, today (May 3) is our seventh wedding anniversary but about nine years of being together. We pronounced our promise to each other again out loud -- to remind us where we started and that we belong to each other including those tough times and not so happy moments...


Here are some of the photos I managed to take even though the Eli wasn't fully cooperating. We had fun doing it despite the warm sun beating down our heads. 


(Swipe on handheld devices/Arrow keys on desktops)



While it isn't always seventh heaven, it is quite close enough as we want to make it. 🙂 


Happy Anniversary to us! 


Much love,



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