The beautiful town of Soufrière

The beautiful town of Soufrière

(All images are taken using Pentax WG-3 GPS except for the panoramas and the last images at the bottom.)
Sugar Beach

HOW TO ACCESS: If you aren't staying at the resort, the beach is a few miles South of Soufriere on the Southwestern coast. From Soufriere, take Baron Dr south until you reach the end. Take a right and you'll be led to Sugar Beach Resort (formerly Jalousie Hilton). There are some signs except on that fork (keep right -- ocean side).

Guidebooks and websites described Sugar beach as one of the most beautiful beaches in St. Lucia and I won't argue with that as this beach is nestled in between the two Pitons. Nothing can beat that location in the entire island I bet. 🙂 The sand quality is good but it's a little "rocky" for my taste (I am very partial to Boracay sand and the white beaches in the Philippines). Anyway, we headed down there to get our first taste of snorkeling in the Caribbean sea and see some fish/marine life and try out the food at Bayside Restaurant as well -- just checking them all off our list. 😀

Under the Sea
Time to eat - Bayside restaurant

To be honest, the snorkeling wasn't as spectacular as Coron Palawan in the Philippines and the food from Bayside wasn't that great as well however those didn't spoil our fun though. We are troopers. 🙂 🙂

On the boat
And yeah, we went for a boat ride, too to see more of this but somebody was wiped out to enjoy it. 😉 😉 joycedz-stlucia-day03-nikon-petit-pitonTired...
Much love,
Joyce DZ

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