Back to Anse de Sables

We obviously fell in love with this beach hence we checked it out again. We had it almost to ourselves again so it was very peaceful and we had great fun.

Hotel Chocolat – Boucan Restaurant

We made reservations with Boucan Restaurant a month in advance because we have read so many good things about it and its cocoa-rich cuisine and they were not talking about desserts. What we didn’t expect was the amazing view of the Petit Piton at sunset. We got there early enough to witness the splendor while waiting for the staff to start seating their guests for dinner.


Anyway, just to cap this off, the entire dinner was so divine, the staff are amazing and the chocolates were to die for and we got extras, too. It pays to have a cute child who were charming everybody. 🙂 🙂

(pardon the dark images — it was dark in the restaurant and we didn’t want to use flash as we were avoiding disturbing other patrons)

We highly recommend this place!

Much love


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