The other day my husband asked me where am I with processing and organizing the photos we brought home from St. Lucia. To which I replied that I am still in Day 4. 🙂 Hearing my own response and now writing about it made me realize that I am quite overwhelmed and I do acknowledge that the reason is still my continuous habit of seeking perfection in my photos which was said I will avoid in this post of re. my parent’s anniversary. It’s one habit of mine that I am still working on… Well, enough of that and on to the photos… 🙂

Day 4 — No wonder I got stuck here


We had countries and places lined up such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, etc. One of the choices was St. Lucia and with my husband wanting not to change time zone due to the little one and to scratch his itch to do some mountain hiking instead of just bumming around the sea, this lovely island of St. Lucia seems deemed fit for us given its topographical nature. 🙂

DAY 13 – From high up above looking down below


With all that, last May, we took a 2-week long vacation to the beautiful island of St. Lucia together with our good friend Bea and her son Nathan (on the first half) and just us for the remainder of the trip to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. GO AHEAD and bookmark this post as this is where I will post all about our adventures on this beautiful island. 🙂

Much love,


Joyce DZ



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