When I was dating my now-husband, he told me stories of his paddling conquest on Mississippi River and at that time, I made a mental note to add doing that in my bucket list. We lived a block from this mighty river and have hiked the bottoms countless times but never canoed it. I was intimidated by its sheer size and the amount of boat traffic but since the Lock and Dam at St. Anthony's Falls got shut down, that amount decreased so we took that opportunity to tackle it and 'kind of' cross this off my bucket list and with the little one at that... πŸ™‚

Well, there were still big boats around!


It was partly sunny but with a significant breeze so it was a not-so-ideal condition, but I have been paddling with my husband for about 9 years now. He knows me pretty well, vice versa -- and I think he is aware that I actually like headwinds and movement in the water. Our little one is still getting used to it though (it's maybe his 8th time canoeing) however now understands that every movement he did affected the canoe. He said "Mama, it's tippy" oftentimes during this trip. πŸ˜€

Our kind of selfie... Little one's excited!!

Break times
We took two breaks during this almost 4-hour trip -- one was to get some snacks to prevent meltdown and another for lunch. I think our little one enjoyed these stops more. He played with his truck, threw some rocks and logs, built an inukshuk and ate his snacks and spaghetti with so much gusto. πŸ˜€

Spaghetti Face!

More Paddling?

We know that backpacking is not in our near future yet since our stubborn little boy sometimes insists on being carried especially on long walks (by mama). We talked about the possibility of maybe doing a trip to the Boundary Waters this year so YES, this is our way of getting all of us ready. We will try to do this as our weekly training... just in case. We'll see... Wish us luck. πŸ˜‰

Much love,

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