I have been receiving questions from friends and 2 blog visitors about how I employ a ‘No photoshop workflow’ and while I am hesitant to be a subject matter resource, I guess it’s high time to share.

Not enough time

With my passion in photography still alive and well, at first, I thought I can venture deeper into offering my photography services even after having a little child. However, being a first time mom, that passion has shifted to spending my time more on our family instead of with others. That’s not to say, I didn’t try to come up with a plan to see if I can make it work. I clocked how much I spend editing photos on Photoshop and found out I am spending way too much time. Enter Lightroom. 🙂

While some may argue that LR is ‘Photoshop’, I do believe they are not the same. I did buy presets from 2 sources and both of them didn’t meet my expectations at all. One overwhelmed me with options while the other underwhelmed me with the opposite (and the results were very unsatisfying). Talk about wasting money (a discussion for a different day). Well, so I created my own. 🙂

I do believe in getting things right in the camera which have made my life easier so far. I picked this image because I believe, I did a decent job here. 🙂 Having said those, there are times I feel like some of the photos needed an oomph and to apply that to multiple images using PS takes significant amount of time. Using the LR template (link below), enabled me to just import and apply to all images all at the same time. One click, VOILA. Nothing drastic, just a cleaner, more vibrant image that I want to see.

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