I am out of commission with running for the rest of the year so we sent our little one instead as our representative. 😉 😉 Just kidding. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and since we have nothing big planned that day, we decided to sign up our toddler to trot as part of the Twin Cities Marathon Family event, held at the State Capitol.


He was at first excited but got apprehensive with the crowd and those big looney, mascots. 😀


Ran Over

This is, by no means, a review of this particular event however, I do want to mention that it was a very crowded race. Can you spot us on this photo? We have seen other toddler trots so my expectation was that only the toddlers will be on the course. But, my oh my, I was wrong. It was a “parents’ race”. Our little one was ready to run but as soon as the rope was out, parents ran to the course with most of them pulling or carrying the kids. Elijah cried, probably afraid to be trampled on, so I had no choice but to carry him, too. My heart was devastated when he said ‘I am not a fast runner, mama!’ 🙁 🙁


“My Precious”

Bless his little heart though. As soon as his medal got handed to him, nothing else mattered at that point. 🙂


We did explain to him more about the race and that it was very crowded and that we can run some more and he loved that idea. We enjoyed the rest of the awesome day. I think his love for running is still alive and burning. 🙂


Much love,


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