I mentioned in the past that I typically don’t take my camera out in the plane or during airplane travel. However, it was our first time flying Sun Country (and we were impressed) plus I was just actually using my phone for the most part for this trip. 😉 #googlefi

It is worth noting that it definitely won’t be our last as the fares are significantly cheaper than other airlines flying out of MSP. However, there’s a kicker for this trip — we had to fly out one day earlier than our scheduled travel date…

Which now leads me to Emporio Hotel & Suites Cancún

I have a tendency to over analyze things and picking this hotel for just one night of stay was one of those times that I did just that. We don’t want to spend too much in such a way that it will negate the savings we had with Sun Country however, I don’t like staying at dingy hotels. I picked Emporio — with the price still not to my liking however being the savvy techie/shopper that I am, I was able to get a ‘penthouse’ suite with buffet breakfast for less than $200. These are the views that greeted us… and yes, my phone took most of these photos… 😀 (which I will review later when I am not that busy anymore)

Looking North & East

Looking West

Looking South

…and at night

Some parts of what’s inside — I love those doors

The living room actually has two Murphy beds. Want to join us next time? 😉 The master bedroom has all our junk… well, no photos of that.

Little one is excited to go and we couldn’t blame him…

We eventually made our way to the beach…

… and then the pool (repeat both the following day after a sumptuous breakfast — no comment on the food, it’s already obvious I enjoyed it) 😀

A friend asked me if I will recommend this place, I told him that if he can get a good deal, go for it. You can never go wrong with the view and the Caribbean anyway. With that, here is my parting photo — what sunset looks like from up the suite. Until my next post.

Much love,


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