We were celebrating W's birthday last year when it came up that we should take a vacation together since we have been talking about it for quite awhile now. Cancun was brought up due to its proximity to Minnesota and the number of direct flights from MSP -- they are all from Delta Airlines. 🙂 We agreed on a date and picked out a place and we are settled. 🙂

Part 2 of our travel diaries focuses on the villa we stayed at as this is another place we rented out through VRBO (this time) -- it's kind of our review in photos! 🙂

The villa is located within the Hotel Zone and is between Hotel Riu and Casa Maya, and yes, it's by the beach. It is on a quiet, gated area so we did feel very safe while we were there. We arrived earlier than the rest of our party so we got the chance to enjoy it first. 😀

The shape of the pool is like the mirror image of Minnesota... kismet!

There are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms overall and it can easily accommodate about from 10 to 12. We were comfortable in it. 🙂 The bedrooms are big with ample light and the kitchen has all the cutlery, pots and pans, etc. Gallons of filtered water were also provided and we liked that. Of course, please do note that we shopped for all our food needs, though. 🙂 They offered to cook for us but language became a bit of a barrier so we decided to skip it. #getbetteratSpanishnexttime

The Beach and the View

The direct access to the beach while not a must was a definite plus. We loved that we can just open the door and walk out to it without having to drive. Plus you can not really beat this view. We can actually even see Isla Mujeres from the house. 🙂

Looking North
Looking South
Looking East with Isla Mujeres in far sight...
We do highly recommend this place especially if you are a big group as it makes it easier to hang out for drinks, etc after a long day out. We also appreciate our host's responsiveness and accommodating manner. If you do end up renting this, please do contact him and make sure you tell or ask for things that you need. I think most hosts appreciate letting them know your needs right away than leaving them a bad review afterwards. 🙂
Much love,

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