There are two things I am asked quite often. First, how are we able to afford all the trips we were taking; and second, why are we bringing our little one with to all of them when he's still too young to remember (some followed it with, "isn't it a waste of money?")?

The first one is very easy to answer -- unbeknownst to most, we don't typically buy luxury or designer possessions (except for my Choos :p), we don't go to the mall, we rarely eat out and if we do, we limit it to about $20-40 per meal for all 3 of us, we drive used non-luxury cars and we don't usually put on things or dangle something in our arms to make us appear as if we are rich. 😉 😉 We invest our money in real estate properties or stocks, etc. We prioritize experiences and travels and once we pick a destination, we do shop around for deals as well. You get the drift. 🙂

The second one requires a much more complicated answer. We have been taking our little boy to all trips since he was six months old simply because he is now part of us and separating him doesn't even feel right at all so those particular comments from people bother me at times. However, setting emotions aside, hubby and I came from backgrounds where our families took us to new and familiar places. Those experiences, I think, gave us both the similar passion for adventure, exploration, curiosity with different cultures, people and places as well as the openness to try something new. Our highest hopes and desires are to pass all of that to him and more... As for remembering, well, that's what photos are for. 🙂 There you have your answers.

Here are some of the memories I hope our little one will remember of the fun times we had at Cancun... plus we armed him with a camera, too. 🙂
To Isla Mujeres where he first snorkeled in open sea (3 years old)...
Chichen Itza - One of the New 7 Wonders of the World

It is very rich in history but it was too hot and dusty to really enjoy. :p

Playa Tortuga and Playa Delfines -- just lounging and playing in the sand. Hands were too sandy to take photos
Last day at the pool where our boy is our main photographer...

There are still more photos but this post is getting too long. We tried restaurants such as Fred's, Lorenzillo's, Ah Cacao and another hole in the wall (cannot remember the name). We had an amazing time with our great friends even though we didn't really make concrete plans for this trip. Our little one even held himself up very well being the only child in the group. 🙂

Different folks, different strokes

Anyway, I understand that what we do isn't for everybody. However, if you ever find yourself getting interested and wanting to travel (with a kid even), find like-minded people who can introduce you to the joy of travel and explorations. You will never regret it. 🙂

Join us next time if you want, too. Just ask me where we are going next. 😉 😉

Much love,

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