I do avoid being on social media when I am on vacation because most of my time is solely focused on my 2 boys and not my social friends. 🙂 Having said that, I do have a lull time this afternoon, though, as they are both in dreamland taking their usual afternoon naps. I decided to pull just one of the many images I took from yesterday from Ladera Resort. And no, we didn’t stay here because we cannot with a one-year-old toddler (we wanted to stay there for at least 2-3 days for our anniversary). We did dine at Dasheene instead to see what sunsets look like from this wonderful spot… All I can say was ‘Oh my…’


It’s hard to beat this spot for viewing the best sunset! Don’t you think? Do you have places to suggest to watch epic sunsets? Let us know. 🙂

Gotta go. The little one is up… More photos later.

Much love,
Joyce DZ

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